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Presence's LiveJournal

Here posts one with too much unsupervised time

30 June 1975
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Hiya. I live in Vegas, married to my wonderful wife, am proud daddy to our newborn baby boy, enjoy our own home with a dog, cats, and green lawn. Used to work at a resort property on the Strip as a camera man and video editor. Used to play in the SCA, but now I am the stay-at-home Daddy to my baby, I dink with electronics, shoot and edit video, develop magic tricks for local magicians, watch lots of TV, and am a Guitar Hero in a Rock Band. I also run a webserver, idle on IRC constantly, and am easily worked up into rants with expressive waving of hands.

Paul Gorman
Paul Gorman

I enjoy deep sea diving, hunting unicorn, and teather ball.

My Pokemon Diamond friend code is: 1375-4205-8534

My Wii Friend Code is: 1786 2730 5318 3666

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