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I had to pause and think, "How does one write an LJ post now adays?", like, what clients are still in use? Heh, I rock.

Venetian and I parted ways. I am daddy to a brand new baby boy. I am currently doing silly side-gigs, like, developing applications (aka, "magic tricks") for magicians while serving as full-time stay-at-home daddy.

I have yet to attend the local DorkBotLV meetings, but I promise I totally will. I still am very active in UrbanDead. I haven't played RO in months, nor really spent any time on the XBox, mostly cause the baby takes up all my time and energy. He's pretty neat, I think I like him.

Livejournal. Its facebook without the apps! Time for me to catch up with the season finale of Warehouse 13 (aka "Scooby Doo Adventures") now.

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    12:24 Waiting for eyeglasses perscription checkup. Sell me glasses with Heads Up Display now, kay? Link IRL faces to Facebook infos. # 18:12…

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    11:36 Adobe Premiere CS4: It seriously sucks so bad. Slow, fucky, hateful. #

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    11:06 Phew, Ragnarok Online plays fine, maybe better, within Windows7. Wee! #

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