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HOW ARE WRITE POST? [27 Sep 2010|06:47pm]
I had to pause and think, "How does one write an LJ post now adays?", like, what clients are still in use? Heh, I rock.

Venetian and I parted ways. I am daddy to a brand new baby boy. I am currently doing silly side-gigs, like, developing applications (aka, "magic tricks") for magicians while serving as full-time stay-at-home daddy.

I have yet to attend the local DorkBotLV meetings, but I promise I totally will. I still am very active in UrbanDead. I haven't played RO in months, nor really spent any time on the XBox, mostly cause the baby takes up all my time and energy. He's pretty neat, I think I like him.

Livejournal. Its facebook without the apps! Time for me to catch up with the season finale of Warehouse 13 (aka "Scooby Doo Adventures") now.
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[30 Oct 2009|03:01am]

12:24 Waiting for eyeglasses perscription checkup. Sell me glasses with Heads Up Display now, kay? Link IRL faces to Facebook infos. #

18:12 Future of XMAS here today: "warm" white LED pre-lit "tree" with purty bulb lenses. Proper size that I can actually lift. Low wattage! #

18:28 Is that an Android "Moment" device in @joia's hands? Yes it is! #

20:53 So long Sidekick, thanks for the Peek @peekinc, Here comes Sprint's Android "Moment" for us! Keyboard feels great, AMAZING screen, and apps! #

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[28 Oct 2009|03:00am]

11:36 Adobe Premiere CS4: It seriously sucks so bad. Slow, fucky, hateful. #

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[25 Oct 2009|03:01am]

11:06 Phew, Ragnarok Online plays fine, maybe better, within Windows7. Wee! #

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[23 Oct 2009|11:29pm]
My company annual review describes me as adequate, recorded into history so company not obligated to give raise. Thanks!
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[20 Oct 2009|03:01am]

23:49 Data Recovery method from Microsoft to Sidekick users: Download a .CSV & then push into web interface. Shouldn't they automate that for us? #

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[16 Oct 2009|03:00am]

12:35 T-Mobile's attempt at caring about us as Sidekick customers is merely a facade. irev.net/p04 Frustrated: I want back what I put in. #

12:37 OMG, Twitter automatically URL shortens with Bit.ly. If I want to blow my 140 characters on an URL string, I damn well get to. Don't mangle! #

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[15 Oct 2009|03:00am]

13:17 Whoa, $20/month sidekick replacement in the form of a @peekinc device? Good for at work where cellphones aren't allowed. irev.net/p03 #

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[13 Oct 2009|03:00am]

18:11 I'm so very disappointed with Danger's Sidekick and the losing of 6 years of address book contacts & notes. irev.net/p0029 OMFG weak. #

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[10 Oct 2009|03:01am]

13:16 GPS navi gizmo has 1-button access to nearest hospital, police station, and fuel. Screw those, needs a "coffee now" button. #

17:54 Inspired by need for coffee locations, hacked my Garmin 760 to the latest 2010 US maps. Hacked traffic and maps, and now can find coffee! #

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[09 Oct 2009|03:01am]

21:29 Woo, 60 jpegs from the Battle Furries Wedding Weekend processed and uploaded! Protip: get me a damn 35mm prime lens for "next time". #

22:20 Fresh cat and dog jpegs! irev.net/p0027 & irev.net/p0028 Took in my 18-200mm lens for repair today, playing with old kit lens. #

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[08 Oct 2009|03:02am]

14:59 3 year old computer using 4yr old technology processing 5 separate projects all at the same time.. on 1 drive == No shit it goes slow, Boss! #

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[03 Oct 2009|03:00am]

01:36 The house is wonderfully clean, lights all off except for the plasma screen's colors dancing to @AnnetteStrean & Venus Hum; relaxed & happy. #

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[30 Sep 2009|03:00am]

17:28 I'm really no good at my "weekend" days off alone unsupervised. Didn't do anything except fart around the Internets. Self-loathing & shame. #

19:49 Google needs to have a math/converter search results return for Microsoft XBLA points to US Dollars. How much is 560 MS points in Real Life? #

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[27 Sep 2009|03:00am]

02:18 Whats faster at serving webpages, a dual Pentium 133mhz or a 1ghz Celeron? We'll find out, the celeron is serving the role of iRev now! Bah. #

02:32 My server, reduced to this celeron. Oh, what happened to the glory days? irev.net/irev-cel.jpg now vs. irev.net/p0024 then. #

02:36 Earlier, iRev at the porn company, irev.net/p0026 And before that, at the MLM/.WS thing: irev.net/p0025 Those were colo's! #

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[24 Sep 2009|03:00am]

19:00 "Complete the game without ever taking a bullet." <-- just received the Portal Xbox360 achievement. Aww Yeah. Great game + stress relief. #

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[20 Sep 2009|03:00am]

23:49 Dear Scribblenauts, you get so close at being clever with words and things, but fail it with bad control, and the puzzles make me feel dumb. #

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[17 Sep 2009|03:01am]

16:37 Week of work rewarded with a really nice shoot using the best of my equipment. Such a rare joy to operate appropriate & high-quality toys. #

21:55 Woo, just ordered the XKCD book! irev.net/p0023 Damnit, someday I gotta figure out how to print a book of the old Dr. Lobster comics. #

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[14 Sep 2009|03:00am]

00:09 Fascinating day of TV watching -- MTV VMA's with drama, production goofs, & odd direction/timing. Wacky professional football plays all day. #

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[07 Sep 2009|03:00am]

02:17 Wow, finally: the Sidekick/Hiptop achieves Twitter and Facebook clients. So cutting edge! Way to make an easy buck from open APIs, T-Mobile. #

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